Strange Attractor

2016 Program

David Pledger is running for officedavid-pledger

Wednesday 22nd June, 7:30pm

Main Hall, Gorman Arts Centre

Tickets: Free Event, book here.


In the context of the 2016 Federal Election, David Pledger will launch a durational artwork in the form of a campaign where he seeks to be elected for various offices in multiple contexts over a number of years.

David Pledger asks how should artists and politicians behave in a time when civil society and political culture are profoundly disconnected? What is an artist? What is a politician? And what kind of politician might an artist be?

David Pledger is a renowned contemporary artist and Director of “Not Yet It’s Difficult” working within and between the performing, visual and media arts in Australia, Asia and Europe.


Sharings – Resident Artists2015 strange attractor_sunday show 000_98

Friday 1st July at 6:30pm

Saturday 2nd July, 6.00pm

Meet at Main Hall, Gorman Arts Centre

Tickets: $10, book here.

Sharings are a platform for the public and the artist to engage in an exchange of reflections on the artist’s work, creative process and motivations.

‘Strange Attractor: “make – think – speak” is supported by Arts ACT, Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres, QL2 Dance and Canberra Contemporary Arts Spaces.’



Strange Attractor’s choreographic development platform invites internationally acclaimed artist/producer David Pledger to facilitate make – think – speak. The two-week lab ‘make-think-speak’ is designed to develop artists’ working processes in discrete art-form practice and inter-disciplinary practice across the performing and visual arts. A key objective is to develop in artists their capacity to make work over time and with a breadth of scale. An emphasis will be on developing modes and models of collaboration between artists and between art-forms. As the development of a productive critical language is a key objective of the workshop, artists will be encouraged to contribute to the discussions around each other’s projects. This engagement will be facilitated by David Pledger in consultation with each participant on the development of their project.

make – think – speak helps artists develop a language when speaking about their practice, a language that can adapt to the various contexts in which their work places them, and which enhances their dramaturgical trajectory. It is suitable for artists who define their practice as contemporary and are particularly interested in choreography. This may include but is not limited to performance-makers, installation artists, designers, choreographers, dramaturges, writers, directors and digital artists.


David PledgerDavidPledger_by_PiaJohnson_72


David is a contemporary artist working within and between the performing, visual and media arts in Australia, Asia and Europe. His live performances, installations, interactive artworks, documentaries and digital art have been presented in various locations including theatres, galleries, museums, a car-park, a stables, a cattleyard, a suburban house, a film studio and at the Australian Institute of Sport. His work is notable for building new artworks that combine movement, image, sound and word into an organic system and for engaging publics in productive and provocative ways. From his initial practice, live performance, he has developed a cross-disciplinary dramaturgy in which a central platform is engaging with artists across artforms and experts from social, scientific and academic fields.

He is the recipient of numerous project and career awards including the Sydney Myer Performing Arts Award and the Kenneth Myer Performing Arts Medal for his work as a director and actor in live performance. His work is distinguished by collaborations with individual artists – including media artist Jeffrey Shaw, visual artists William Kelly and Callum Morton, choreographer Shimizu Shinjin and theatre director, Kim Kwang Lim – and with international companies particlularly from Asia. His practice interests include the body, the digital realm and public space. In 1995, he co-founded not yet it’s difficult (NYID), one of Australia’s leading interdisciplinary arts companies.

David is currently engaged in various artistic adventures with social change agency, Igniting Change, and an ongoing involvement with the City of Gold Coast in the lead-up to the Commonwealth Games 2018 around the inaugural 2970° art event. He is currently engaged with a research scholarship in the Spatial Information Architecture Lab (SIAL), School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University.