Strange Attractor


The Artist is the protagonist.


Strange Attractor is a platform that places the Artist at the core of the movement – to build systems and structures promoting artistic practice and critical discourse. We take action to create a rich arts ecology.

We have two Missions:

1) To support the Artist by providing time and space for their artistic practice to experiment, reflect, develop, research, document, share, present, refine (endless list of an Artist endeavors).

2) Operate as an interface between the Artist and the Public with the intention to develop language around artistic practice and offer insight to artistic research. We want to cultivate a strong culture on critical discourse.

Artists working in cross-art form collaborations and interdisciplinary practices with particular interest in critical discourse and experimentation will be supported with research time, a range of different venues, technical resources and high profile provocateur/facilitator that will support the artists in their intentions and work with them through the challenges. Strange Attractor invite Guest speakers from disciplines other than the Arts that offer thinking on your practice in broader contexts.

We seek Artists that want to speak about their practice and their research with peers and the public. It builds an awareness of interdisciplinary practices, informing and engages the Public to critical dialogue. This includes artists, general public, presenters and media.

The Body is the focal point of inquiry – encouraging all art forms to experiment choreographically.


“The political context has deep implications for the health of a democracy of which the agency of the artist is a key indicator. Artists are the canaries in the coalmine of democracy – if there is not enough oxygen they die. Strange Attractor, and platforms like it, ensure artists have the opportunity to breathe. This trajectory from artistic practice to democracy means that to be an artist in the 21st C, we need to be active citizens. Strange Attractor helps us become better at both.”

David Pledger, The Facilitator 2016

“Hothouse environments such as this one are productive, challenging and crucial for artists to create discourse and expose themselves to different approaches and perspectives. Artists need to contextualise their work amongst peers and be given the opportunity to assert their own identity while allowing possibility for malleability in response to creative exchange.”

Natalie Cursio, The Facilitator 2014